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OOC || Inventory + Pokemon

Current Location: Azalea Town
Currently Rooming With: Nobody
Working: Jynx's Sweet Kiss Cosplay Cafe
Badges: Zephyr, Hive
Money: P15,000

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OOC || CR + Permissions

CHARACTER SERIES: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

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IC Contact Post || Pokegear

"Heehee, hi!  You've reached Midori!  I can't answer my phone right now, but, please, leave me a message!  I'll call you back~"




So, yeah.  I've been referencing things about Midori that come from me, not canon, so I'm keeping track of them!

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Day 15 || video/action for Goldenrod

[Midori's actually smiling for this broadcast! Hello network!]

Heeeeellooooo, Johto!

[She waves to the camera.]

Thanks to the wonderful Athrun Zala, I'm finally in Goldenrod! I'm in the pokemon center, so, come say hi, okay?

[She's not going to mention her on-camera breakdown a few days ago. Nope.]

Day 14 || video/action for Azalea

[So, we haven't seen Midori for a while. I wonder what's been happening with her?]

[Oh. That's Midori's pokegear signal, but she isn't the one holding the camera. It's her Wartortle who has it, filming her Cubone poking at Midori's blanket-clad shins. The young trainer herself is curled up on the bed, resting her head on her knees and looking despondent. She seems to be in pajamas and isn't wearing her glasses. She glances up and makes a sad little groaning noise.]

Come on, girls, turn it off, mommy doesn't want to--

[She can't even finish the sentence, instead pressing her hands into her eyes and sobbing.]

I can't, I just can't! Wh-what if I turn it on and someone else's gone?! I'm going to be all alone!

Day 13 || video/action for Azalea

[Oh, it's Midori! Long time, no see, sweetheart. She's sitting on her bed at the inn, in cute meowth-adorned pajamas with separators between newly painted toes. Her Eevee is asleep on her pillows, just barely visible in the shot. The camera is being held by her Squirtle and Cubone, working together in spite of it not being necessary.]

Hi everybody! I've been so caught up in training, that I totally forgot to give an update on my little lovebirds~

[She waves to someone off-screen, and two of her pokemon float onto the screen. Yes, float.]

Aren't they just darling? And they're totally inseparable now too! Best poke-couple, am I right?

[There's a cheer of agreement from behind the camera as Midori's Cubone speaks her mind on the subject.]

So, anyways, I'm going to battle the gym soo--

[There's a tapping on the window, and Midori startles.]

Pidgey delivery?

[She glances at the clock.]

At 9 at night?

[Midori crawls off the bed, being careful of her toes, and steps off screen. There's a thunk and a pause as she opens the window, and then a frightened little gasp. On screen, her Eevee seems to wake up, glancing sleepily at her trainer.]

Nonono, give me the pokegear guys!

[There are tears in Midori's eyes, which are visible for about a second while she frantically grabs the pokegear back from her pokemon. The feed cuts out.]

Day 12 || video/action for Violet

[So, Midori has returned from her rescue mission. Obvious way to celebrate? ATTEMPT TO COOK. The video is being held by Kimiko, who is hovering over the stove.

And the audio?

A whoooole lot of screaming from trainer and pokemon alike. Why?

The stove is on fire.]

Do we have a fire extinguisher in here?! [Midori isn't actually in the camera, rather, she is running all over the hotel room in a panic. Kimiko is squeaking to try to bring her trainer's attention to the fact that Kikuri and Otohime are climbing up onto the counter on the side of the stove.]

Not now, Kimi!

[Oh, and there's the fire alarm. Almost on cue, Otohime puts Kikuri's plan into action and displays that, yes, she has learned bubble by now. The fire goes out, although the screaming alarm continues. Midori runs into the screen, squealing, and pulls her baby squirtle into her arms.]

Otohime, you're brilliant!

[The Squirtle blushes and hides her face from the camera, which leads to Kikuri, still on the counter, angrily yelling at Kimiko to turn off the pokegear. Which she does. By dropping it.]
[It's Midori in her little skitty maid outfit again, fellow Johtoians! And she's holding two baby pokemon in her arms, a squirtle and a cubone. The squirtle is hiding her face in Midori's dress, while the cubone waves wildly at the camera.]

Hey guys! I'm going to fight Falkner, but I thought I'd do a little intro for my babies first~ This is Otohime and Kikuri, my Squirtle and my Cubone!

[It's at this point when one can notice Falkner himself, face quite red, in the background of the shot.]

Are... we going to battle or not? Why is she wearing that here, oh god...

[Midori turns her head away from the pokegear and laughs.]

Oh, right, right! Sorry! Hold on!

[There's a strange angled shot as Midori rushes to hand her baby pokemon off to her friends on the sidelines, before realizing it's on and turning it off.]

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